Shortcut Router

This software is a routing daemon designed expecially for wireless rooftop networks.

A wireless rooftop network is a network where there are several hosts connected by wireless (wi-fi, infrared, laser) links to form a mesh. Host part of this mesh cannot move because the wireless hardware (antenna, laser receiver, etc.) is firmly posed on rooftop or on ground.

The working principle is simple: each host gets an unique IPV6 address that represents its latitude and longitude; to build a route from A to B software choose the A neighbour nearest to B and moves to it, and so it goes until B is reached.

Unfortunately it can happen that there is no neighbours nearer to destination: in this case a backtracking is neede.

Until now the algorithm is similar to GPSR routing, but now there is the innovative idea: when a path is computed the software starts to search to optimize it making "shortcuts" around non straight parts of the graph.

Concluding this approach has following advantages:
  1. Easy configuration: you have only to provide your latitude and longitude (with coarse precision).
  2. Uses IPV6: so it can coesist peacefully with your own IPV4 adhoc router
  3. GPL licensed: you can feel free to modify it to your needs.